We can’t fix the whole world, but we can make it a little easier to bear – and we can do it through coffee. A warm cup of coffee can keep someone warm on a bitter winter evening. It can give hope on a dismal day – when someone’s been rejected for yet another job, or doesn’t know how they’ll afford their children’s uniform.

Donations Active On Lovers.Coffee

Our platform consist of an active function to raise funds targeted to offer support for the promotion of coffee services and socialization. A quick glance on this platform shows that it is fully equipped to help you make and accept donations for a wide array of services.

So here at Lovers.Coffee, we decided to set up a way to enable you help and support the Coffee industry – one that extends far beyond us. One that allows for the cultivation and production of your favorite coffee brands and merchandise all over the world.

By following the instructions below, anyone around the world can join and make their community a better place.

Whatever you decide to do, it’s easy to make a difference to someone’s day. Whether it’s a job offer, a cash gift to a local farmer, a free cup of coffee, or a friendly smile, let’s donate to Coffee.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Sometimes we need an extra cup of coffee in the morning to serve as pick-me-up. And some mornings, it's just not enough. But there's another way to get a boost from your cup of joe without upping the caffeine. Lovers.Coffee is giving a portion of our revenue to charities and other great causes, so you can feel even better about shopping from our platform.

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